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Guidance Counselor 2.0 Livestream: State of the Job Market & How to Stand Out with Taylor Desseyn


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Earlier today I joined my good friend Taylor Desseyn (@tdesseyn) again to be on his video stream but realized I missed posting a previous episode we did. I'll post the newer one later this week. You can watch today's episode here but posting this one to catch up on what I missed!

In this episode we discussed the state of the tech job market which we all know is weird right now. It is back in a lot of ways but it hasn't fully recovered. Taylor and I both give perspectives on how we see it. Ironically enough this was before I was laid off from my job last month. The advice and points are very targeted and things I've applied on my hunt for the next job.

There is tactical tips you can apply to stand out. It's difficult right now if you're new to your career especially so I advise trying to tips! Hope you find this helpful and interesting. Please give it a watch and make sure to get to know Taylor!

Taylor on Gun.io

Guidance Counselor 2.0 on Spotify

Twitter - @tdesseyn

p.s. I'm always open to feedback and healthy debate on the things I share!

- DD